Chrome Ekkamai is a luxurious space themed nightclub aiming to take you on a sonic journey.

Void Acoustic’s Tri-Motion loudspeakers, arranged in a Mains and Outfill configuration ensure this journey is undertaken with the utmost clarity and punch.  Paired with a total of four Stasys Xv2 with the tuned resonant chamber concept, the overall result is an incredible out of this world experience.

Chrome plays host to a number of local and international DJs, from which outstanding comments about the new audio system have been received.  Part of the reason for this is the small but extremely impressive Void Acoustics Air 8 DJ Monitors which adorn the DJ booth.

Void Acoustics

  • Tri Motion x4
  • Stasys XV2 x4
  • Air 8 x2
  • Bias Q5 x2
  • Bias Q3 x2

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