Introducing the Ad Lib Hotel, a luxurious new accommodation situated in the heart of Khon Kaen. Boasting a modern Esan style (referring to the Northeast of Thailand), the hotel is adorned with Void Acoustics speakers throughout.

Upon entering the lobby, guests are greeted by Esan modern decor and red Void Acoustics Cyclone 8 speakers. The adjacent Kaen Ground coffee shop also features Indigo 6 speakers.

On the 27th floor, guests can dine at Seasons 27, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a breathtaking view of Khon Kaen city. The restaurant is equipped with Indigo 6 Pro and Cyclone 55 speakers, ensuring that every seat enjoys high-quality sound. Food by Fire, another restaurant on the same floor, boasts unique decor with paintings and Cyclone Bass and Cyclone 55 speakers.

On the 28th floor, guests are welcomed by Cirrus 6.1 ceiling speakers on the terrace. The floor also houses the Kaenkaew Live House, a new venue equipped with Void Acoustics speakers such as Air Motion, Stasys 218, and Indigo 6 Pro. The Light House also features DTS Alchemy 5 lights, Chauvet Rogue R1, Chauvet Ovation E-260WW, and Lighting Control; Chamsys QuickQ 10. An exterior bar section is equipped with a Cyclone 55 speaker, and a boudoir with Air Motion mounted.

The hotel uses Amplifier Bias Q2 and Bias Q1. Come experience the perfect combination of luxury and sound at the Ad Lib Hotel.


  • Cyclone 8
  • Kaen Ground
  • Indigo 6s

Kaenkaew Live House

– Speakers

  • Main – Air Motion x2
  • Subwoofer – Stasys 218 
  • Delay – Indigo 6 Pro x16
  • Bar Outside – Cyclone 55 x8

– Amplifier

  • Bias Q2 x3
  • Bias Q1 x5

– Lighting

  • Chamsys QuickQ 10
  • DTS Alchemy 5 x1
  • Chauvet Rogue R1 x2
  • Chauvet Ovation E-260WW

Seasons 27

  • Indigo 6 Pro
  • Cyclone 55

Food by Fire

  • Cyclone Bass
  • Cyclone 55
  • Ceiling – Cirrus 6.1
  • Amplifier – Bais Q2

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