Futuristic train-themed bar with Echelon Bangkok’s and sound quality from Void Acoustics

Air 8
Air 8

Thonglor is a bustling neighborhood with vibrant nightlife in downtown Bangkok, Thailand. The latest addition to the Thonglor nightlife scene is Echelon, a futuristic train-themed bar with an exceptional sound system from Void Acoustics, deployed by Thailand’s exclusive distributor, Aura Visual System.

The musical program of Echelon is DJ focused, with Hip-Hop being the music of choice for the first-class patrons that frequent the club.  Throughout the night, the music will typically get more intense as the venue transitions from bar to full on nightclub.  To cope with this demand, loudspeakers from the Air Series from Void Acoustics were exclusively chosen.

The main loudspeaker system features Void’s iconic Air Motion loudspeaker paired with a total of three Stasys X V2 subwoofers for high impact bass.  Delay loudspeakers are the Air Ten V3, with DJ monitors and fills utilizing the Air 8 loudspeakers, with all speakers driven by the Void Bias range of amplifiers for worry-free deployment and integration.

  • Air Motion x2
  • Stasys XV2 x3
  • Airten x2
  • Air 8 x4
  • Bias Q5 x2
  • Bias Q2 x1
  • Allen & Heath SQ-5 x1

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